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  I’m part of an android football team. 我是安迪足球队的一个成员。About once a year we are allowed to get together to play a game of football. 每年大约有一次,我们可以获准在一起进行一次足球赛。I’m as big as a human. It fact, I look like one too. 我同真人一样大小。事实上我看上去也很像人。 On the football team I’m a striker so I have to be able to run very fast. 我在球队中是前锋,所以我需要跑得非常快。My computer ships help me to move and think like a human. 我的电脑芯片帮助我像真人一样运动和思考。For example, I have learned to signal to my teammates in computer language to give me the ball when I am open and have a good for a goal. 例如,当我前面没人防守有机会射一个好球的时候,我已经学会了用计算机语言向队友示意把球传给我。

  My first football competition was in Nagoya, Japan several years ago. 我第一次足球比赛是几年前在日本的名古屋。 Last year our team went to Seattle, Washington in the USA. We won second place.去年,我们队去了美国华盛顿州的西雅图比赛,获得了第二名。Personally, I think the team that won first place cheated. 我个人认为得冠军的那个队作弊了。They had developed a new type of program just before the competition. 他们恰好在比赛前研制了一种新程序。So we need to encourage our programmer to improve our intelligence too. 因此我们也需要鼓励我们的程序编制员来提高我们的智能。We are determined to create an even better system. 我们决心创造一个更好的系统。 In a way our programmer is like our coach. 从某种程度上看,我们的程序员就像是我们的教练。She programs us with all the possible moves she has seen while watching human games. 她把观看人类比赛时所看到的一切可能动作编入我们的程序。Then she prepares reliable moves to use if a new situation arises.然后她把我在新情况下能用得上的可靠动作准备好。 In this way I can make up new moves using my “artificial intelligence”. 这样,我就可以用“人工智能”编制出新的动作。I could like to play against a human team, for I have been programmed to act just like them. 我真的特别喜欢和人类球队比赛,因为我经过程序编制,行动起来和他们一样。After all, with the help of my electronic brain which never forgets anything, using my intelligence is what I’m all about!不管怎样,在我过目不忘的电子脑的帮助下,运用智能就是我的一切。


  1. in common 共同的in common with 和…一样 We have much/a lot /nothing /little /something in common.我们有很多/没有/几乎没有/有一些相似之处。

  2.put… in order把…排序in order按顺序; 整齐out of order次序紊乱;(机器等)失灵; 出故障

  3. compare …with…把…与…想比 compare …to… 把…比作… compared with与…想比 4. over time 久而久

  5.begin as作为…开始

  6. technological revolution科技革命

  7. from then on. 从那时起 from now on 从现在起

  8. artificial intelligence 人工智能

  9. in size and in brainpower 在体积和脑容量上

  10.as a result结果as a result of作为…的结果

  11. go by(时间)流逝,过去 pass by经过

  12. human beings, human race, mankind人类

  13. provide sb. with sth.= provide sth. for sb.给某人提供某物

  14.be filled with充满

  14. a life of high quality高质量生活

  15. in reality事实上

  16. be crazy about…痴迷于,醉心于

  17. do research into 进行…的研究

  18. have a good shot for a goal. 好好地射一个球

  19. a devoted friend一个忠实朋友

  20. be connected with …与…有联系

  21. get together 聚会

  22.make up 组成,构成be made up of由…组成;编造;弥补 make up for;化妆

  23.in the early 1960s在20世纪 60 年代早期

  24. on the football team在球队中

  25. come true 实现,达到 My dream comes true.我梦想成真。realize one’s dream 实现梦想

  26. in a way=in one way=in some ways从某种程度上说,从某些方面来说in the/one’s way挡路,碍事 on the/one’s way to …在去…的路上in this way用这种方法by the way 顺便提一下 by way of London 途经伦敦 lose one's way 迷路, 迷失方向 in no way绝不

  27. after all毕竟,终究

  28. in all=in total总共 above all尤其重要的是,首先 first of all首先,起初 not at all根本不,一点也不 all in all 总之by oneself=on one’s own独自

  29. watch over 看守,照管,监视

  30.mobile phone手机

  31. with the help of在…的帮助下

  32. what’s more=in addition 更重要的是,而且,另外


  1. …it nearly took two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine…差不多到了200年之后我才被做成分析机。

  It takes/took/be+时间段+before… “多久之后才…”

  2. As time went by. 随着时间的推移。


  1.结构:现在完成时被动语态的结构就是现在完成时态和被动语态结构的叠合,即“ have + been + 动词过去分词”。


  (1) 主谓关系被动,而且谓语动作从过去一直延续到现在;

  (2) 主谓关系被动,而且谓语动作发生在过去,但已对现在造成影响或结果。



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