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  Cultural relics



  Frederick William Ⅰ,the King of Prussia , could never have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history . 普鲁士国王腓特烈·威廉一世绝不可能想到他送给俄罗斯人民的厚礼会有这样一段令人惊讶的历史。 This gift was the Amber Room , which was given this name because several tons of amber were used to make it . 这件礼物就是琥珀屋,它之所以有这个名字,是因为造这间房子用了好几吨的琥珀。 The amber which was selected had a beautiful yellow-brown colour like honey . 选出来的琥珀色彩艳丽,呈现蜂蜜一样的黄褐色。 The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days . 琥珀屋的设计采用了当时流行的别致的建筑式样。 It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels , which took the country's best artists about ten years to make . 它也是用金银珠宝装饰起来的珍品。一批国家最 优 秀的艺术家用了大约十年的时间才把它完成。


  In fact , the room was not made to be a gift . 事实上,这个琥珀屋并不是作为礼物来建造的。 It was designed for the palace of Frederick Ⅰ. 它是为腓特烈一世的宫殿设计(制作)的。 However, the next King of Prussia , Frederick William Ⅰ, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. 然而,下一位普鲁士国王,腓特烈·威廉一世,这个琥珀屋的主人却决定不要它了。 In 1716 he gave it to Peter the Great. 在1716年,他把琥珀屋送给了彼得大帝。In return , the Czar sent him a troop of his best soldiers. 作为回赠,沙皇则送给他一队自己最 好的士兵。 So the Amber Room became part of the Czar's winter palace in St Petersburg. 这样,琥珀屋就成了沙皇在圣彼得堡冬宫的一部分。 About four meters long, the room served as a small reception hall for important visitors . 这间琥珀屋长约四米,被用作招待重要来宾的小型会客室。

  Later, Catherine Ⅱ had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers. 后来,叶卡捷琳娜二世派人把琥珀屋搬到圣彼得堡郊外她避暑的宫殿中。She told her artists to add more details to it . 她叫她的工匠在原来设计的基础上增添了更多精细的装饰。In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted . 1770年,这间琥珀屋按照她的要求完成了。Almost six hundred candles lit the room ,and its mirrors and pictures shone like gold. 将近600支蜡烛照亮了这个房间,里面的镜子和图画就像金子一样闪闪发光。Sadly , although the Amber Room was considered one of the wonders of the world , it is now missing . 可悲的是,尽管琥珀屋被认为是世界上的一大奇迹之一,可是现在它却消失了。

  In September 1941, the Nazi army was near St Petersburg . 1941年9月,纳粹德国的军队逼近圣彼得堡。 This was a time when the two countries were at war . 这是在两国交战的时期。 Before the Nazis could get to the summer palace , the Russians were able to remove some furniture and small art objects from the Amber Room . 在纳粹分子到达夏宫之前,俄罗斯人只能把琥珀屋里的一些家具和小件艺术饰品搬走。 However , some of the Nazis secretly stole the room itself . 可是琥珀屋本身却被一些纳粹分子偷偷地运走了。 In less than two days 100,000 pieces were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes . 在不到两天的时间里,10万个部件装进了27个木箱。There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea . 毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往哥尼斯堡,它是当时德国在波罗的海边的一个城市。 After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery . 从那以后,琥珀屋的去处便成了一个谜。

  Recently, the Russians and Germans have built a new Amber Room at the summer palace. By studying old photos of the former Amber Room , they have made the new one look like the old one. 近来,俄罗斯人和德国人已经在夏宫建起了一个新的琥珀屋,通过研究琥珀屋原来的照片,他们建造的新琥珀屋样子和旧的看起来非常像。 In 2003 it was ready for the people of St Petersburg when they celebrated the 300th birthday of their city. 2003年,圣彼得堡人民就用它来庆祝该市建成300周年。


  1. cultural relics 文化遗产

  2. rare and valuable 珍贵稀有

  3. survive 幸存,活下来,比活的长

  4. in search of 寻找,寻求 (介词短语) search for寻找(动词短语)

  5. in the fancy style 以别致的风格 in … style/ in the style of ……以……风格

  6.be popular with受…的欢迎

  7. be decorated with用…装饰 decorate with 以...装饰

  8. be designed for …为……而设计 by design故意地

  9. belong to 属于(无被动,无进行)

  10. in return (for) 作为回报/报答/交换 in turn 依次地,轮流的;转而,反过来

  11. a troop of 一群

  12. become part of… 变成……的一部分

  13. serve as作为,用作,充当

  14. reception hall会客室

  15. have sth. done 请/让别人做某事

  16.less than少于

  17. consider doing 考虑做某事 consider…as/to be+ n./adj.“认为…是…” consider that从句

  18. be at war 处于战争状态,交战

  19. remove… from从…去掉/移走

  20. evidence证据

  21. remains a mystery依然是谜 it remains to be seen 尚待分晓

  22.the entrance to。。。的入口

  23. be (well) worth doing(很)值得做的 be worth+n.或金钱

  24. care about在乎,关心

  25. the former…the latter(两者中的)前者…后者…

  26. explode爆炸 explosion(n.)

  27. without doubt 无疑地,确实地 in doubt有疑问地

  28. by the light of the moom 借助于月光

  29. apart分别地 take apart 拆卸,拆开 apart from=except除…之外 tell…apart辨认,区分

  30. judge n.法官,裁判 v.断定,判定 Judging from…由…判定

  31. rather than胜于,而不是 prefer to do rather than do, would like to do rather than do, would do rather than do宁愿做…而不愿做…

  32. do with 处理,忍受,对付 what-do with, how-deal with

  33. to one’s surprise 使…感到惊奇的是

  34. think highly/well/much of认为…了不起,看重


  1. In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted. ( I was never allowed to do things the way that/ in which I wanted. 我从来不允许按照自己的想法去做事情。)

  20. There is no doubt that …毫无疑问。。。I have doubt whether/if…我怀疑是否…(doubt名词)

  I doubt whether/if..我怀疑是否…I don’t doubt that…我不怀疑。。。(doubt动词)








  People who take physical exercise live longer. 进行体育锻炼的人活得长些。(若把从句去掉句子就失去意义)

  His daughter, who is in Boston now, is coming home next week. 他女儿现在在波士顿,下星期回来。(若把从句去句子意义仍然完整)



  He is the man whose car was stolen. 他就是汽车被窃的那个人。

  I’ve invited Jim, who lives in the next flat. 我邀请了吉姆,他就住在隔壁。



  I have a sister who is a doctor. 我有一个医生的姐姐。(姐姐不止一个)

  I have a sister, who is a doctor. 我有一个姐姐,她是当医生的。(只有一个姐姐)



  Peter drove too fast, which was dangerous. 彼得开车很快,这是很危险的。(which指drive too fast)

  He changed his mind, which made me very angry. 他改变了主意,这使我很生气。(which指整个主句)




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